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What materials should I have?

If you are a beginner and you have some doubts about what materials you should have before start embroidering, this post is for you ;)

5 Must have Embroidery Materials


An embroidery hoop is that round piece of wood, plastic or metal used to keep fabric taut. There are 3 parts in almost every hoop: outer hoop, inner hoop and a screw.

To place the fabric in the hoop, Unscrew the hoop and separate both parts, then place the fabric between them like a sandwich and make sure is well taut. Tight the screw and you are ready!


There are many kinds of fabric and you can actually embroider whatever you want. It will depend on your project, you can use a plane or printed fabric. In any case, I always recommend cotton fabric, it is easy to use and it looks beautiful. You can also use other fabrics like canvas, muslin, felt, silk...


The difference between an embroidery needle and the ones that you use to sew is their eye. Embroidery needles have a bigger eye so you can use different combination of threads. There are different sizes, the bigger the number the smaller the needle. They also have a sharp end, to trespass the fabric.


There are different kinds. Choose one or other based on your project and the texture that you want to give to your design.

The most common is the mouliné, but we can also use the pearl cotton or the light effects (those are a little bit tricky to work with and if you are a beginner I will suggest you don’t use them until you have a little bit more experience).

One skein of mouliné is made of 6 strands, that you can separate from each other allowing you to adjust the thickness of your stitching by combining different number of strands.

To separate the floss, pull on strand up until is separated from the rest. I always cut the thread at a length of my elbow, but you can always work with longer or shorter threads.

The pearl cotton floss is made of a single strand and there are different sizes. The smaller the number the thicker the strand.


There's nothing really special about them, any would do but embroidery scissors are small and sharp, very practical when cutting threads.

Bonus track Materials


When you start a new project you may start stitching on the fabric right away or most probably you'll need to draw your design. For that you can use a fabric pen.


What do you want to stitch? What's your design? Maybe you aren't that good drawing or your design it's a bit complicated. If that's the case you can use a pattern.

Now it's time to embroider!

Thank you

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