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How do I transfer my designs onto fabric?

This Is probably the question that I get the most. There are different techniques, such as drawing, transferring, printing or buying a pre-printed Fabric. I personally use 3 different methods, depending on the design and the type of material that I want to embroider. These are my favorite:


You can draw your design directly onto fabric or, if you are not much of a Picasso then you can place the fabric above the original design and with the help of a light box or even a window you can follow the lines and trace your pattern.

Fabric pen and pencils

I prefer pen over pencil. I’ve used both and I find pencils hard to work with. They are great for marking small marks, but not a whole detailed design. They don’t leave a visible mark as when you use pen.

Regarding pens, it’s always useful to have one. They are very smooth and non-permanent so when you are done with your design just pour a few drops and magic will occur, ink will vanish.

The problem that I see with this kind of pens is that you need water and you need to wait until the fabric is dry to draw again.

That is why in my workshops I always use frixion pens. You can draw and erase with the little rubber that they have.


You can print your design using your home printer!

StabilIizer paper

Water soluble stabilizer paper has the firmness and feel of fabric. You can print your design directly on it and once you’ve finished your design, you can wash it away and it will vanish with water contact.

I recommend to use Sulky Fabri-Solvy Stabilizer. You can find it on Amazon and in most of your crafts and arts local shops.

How to use it:

1. Place the stabilizer paper in your home printer and print the pattern directly onto it. Make sure you print in the fabric side.

2. Cut the excess of fabric and test your design

3. Peel off the release sheet and place the stabilizer paper on your clothes, fabric or whatever you want to embroider.

4. Stitch your design

5. Wash it


There are many websites where you can buy pre-printed fabric with your own design, but they usually sell it by yard, so this is useful when you are interested in printing big quantities.


You can also find pre printed fabric designs on etsy!. There are many embroidery artists who sell their designs in pre printed fabric. You can even buy complete embroidery kits that include all the supplies that you will need to make a specific design. Check out my etsy shop ;)

Now it's time to embroider!

Thank you

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